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Techno­logy, design and economy in a perfect mix from Collomix.

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When economy counts

With Collomix mixing products you can perform heavy mixing jobs far easier and achieve better results at the same time. Our machines very quickly prove just how economical they are, both in terms of throughput and quality. This saves your time and money - on almost every construction site.

Mixing technology - Made in Germany

With us, “Made in Germany” lives up to its promises. This applies in particular to quality of the highest standard, which originates from state-of-art production plants.

Ergonomisch geformte Griffe für ermüdungsfreies Arbeiten


Ergonomy in focus

Use less muscle power and more machine power. We offer you relief and protect your valuable energy and strength: All Collomix mixers are adapted to your ergonomics.


Milestones in mixing technology

For over 40 years Collomix has been setting standards for mixing work at the building site, launching numerous innovations which have since become long-standing international standards.

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We develop innovative products based on practical experi­ence.

Professionals prefer products from Collomix for a number of good reasons. One of the most important is that we know the requirements needing to be met day by day on the construction site. Our entire range of products is solutions-orientated. This is made possible by the continuous exchange of opinion and experience with experts among manufacturers of materials, dealers and professional users.