Partner of the paint industry for more than 40 years


Collomix has specialised on closed-container mixing for more than 40 years. We produce gyroscopic mixers, shakers, as well as paint dispensers for numerous national and international paint and plaster manufacturers. Our products are proven in retail stores at the point of sale, as well as in manufacturers' production lines. We take pride in developing and building products that provide our customers with sustained benefits, offer high durability and are used worldwide.

The one-stop system supplier

Dynamical market developments and our acquired problem solution competence offer new opportunities for Collomix today: Collomix is transforming from a mere mixing machine manufacturer to a system vendor for the paint industry. The Collomix TINTA dispenser perfectly complements Collomix shakers and gyroscopic mixers.

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Technology and design

Our development services start with an analytical assessment of the tinting and mixing process for the considered material. We use process engineering solutions to produce high-quality, practice-oriented technology for highly efficient machines that deliver perfect results. Plain technology does not have to be boring: the appealing design emphasises its value, making technology an eye catcher.

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Consulting and service

We offer our customers an individual consulting service to define the essential material parameters, technical requirements and the requested result. Our consulting services always start with the analytical assessment of the tinting and mixing process for the considered material. After all, we want our customers to always receive the right machine from Collomix.

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Production - Made in Germany

The components for our machines are produced and assembled with care and precision at our production plant in Gaimersheim, Germany.

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Mixing in closed containers

Mixing in closed containers enables performing the mixing process independently of external influence factors, like hygiene regulations, emissions or cleaning, etc. as critical advantage. Whether production floor, laboratories or retail - these devices can be deployed at ease in the most various industries and locations.

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