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Concrete grinder CMG 1700

To grind down glue and adhesive residuals from tile and floor coverings; to polish concrete and screed surfaces; to remove formwork seams, coatings, and paint; to wear down and polish mineral surfaces.

Concrete grinder CMG 1700: Modern techniques for a convincing performance and durability

  • A 1700 watt motor for a new dimension of performance
  • High abrasive rate on concrete
  • Optimized cooling concept
  • Protective cover with vacuum cleaner connection
  • Sliding protection guard, for easy grinding close to border and edges
  • Safety rubber lamellar ring
  • Adjustable handle
  • Spindle lock
  • Full wave electronics

Application video Surface Technology

Article number Product Rotation speed Weight GLN
19200 CMG 1700 (230V) 9600 rpm 3 kg 4011024192004

If long-lasting output and reliable working is required, then the CMG 2600 concrete grinder is the right choice.

  • 2600 watts high-performance motor
  • 180 mm cup wheel BST 180 for concrete, screed
  • Sits comfortably and securely in the hand during work
  • Metal dust cover
  • Rubber lamellar ring for optimum extraction of grinding dust
  • Electronic safety shut-down
  • Vibration damping
  • Safety switch
  • Electronic overload protection and restart protection
  • LED indication in the event of overload

Application video Surface Technology

Article number Product Rotation speed GLN
19201 CMG 2600 (230V) 6600 rpm 4011024192011

High-performance grinding wheels - Top professional quaility for an optimum abrasion rate and a long durability; different segment qualities for different material harnesses; smooth running and durable.
The ideal complement to the CMG 1700 concrete grinder

Application video Surface Technology

Article number Product Diameter GLN
19289 BST 125 - Cyclone 125 mm 4011024192899
19293 GST 125 - Grinder 125 mm 4011024192936
19294 UST 125 - Universal 125 mm 4011024192943
19296 PST 125 - Strap It 125 mm 4011024192967
19297 BST 180 - Cyclone 180 mm 4011024192974

High suction performance vacuum cleaner for concrete grinder CMG 1700.
Fine dust filter for a clean and healthy working process.