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Paints and lacquers, perfectly mixed


Mischen am "Point of Sale"

Col­lomix shakers are the perfect tool when it comes to perfect colour blends. This is why Collomix shakers are used success­fully for the most various applica­tions, like e. g. architec­tural paints, decorativ plasters, screen printing inks, etc. to meet customized colour require­ments at any time.

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Why Collomix?

The orbital mixing principle

The container is clamped between two plates in the shaker and performs ellipsoidal movements induced by a crankshaft. The high frequency produces waveform movements in the container. Traditional areas of application include retail (POS), hardware stores and laboratories.

Unmatched mixing efficiency

The Collomix shaker provides superior market-leading mixing efficiency thanks to its high speed and oscillation. Many materials can only be mixed with the VIBA 300.

Visualization of Collomix Shaker's unique mixing efficiency

Colour shades - Reprodu­cible any time

Always reproducible tailor-made colour shades - an easy exercise with the Collomix gyroscopic mixers and shakers.


Robust and compact design

Its compact dimensions enable using the Collomix shaker even in confined spaces. In addition, the compact, space-saving design and the machines’ highly smooth operation enable it to be deployed at virtually every location.


One-stop tinting and mixing solution

The Collomix shakers VIBA are a perfect match to the Collomix Dispenser TINTA. An ideal comprehensive solution for tinting at the point of sale.

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Our product highlights

Shaker VIRO neo

The entry level for the point of sale


Ideal for optimal material preparation in small - medium throughputs. Particularly ergonomic, thanks to the Collomix Push & Slide concept with loading ramp. Splash-protected spindle against unintentional contamination. Particularly smooth running and low vibration. Auto Sense function for selecting an automatic mixing program at the touch of a button.

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Shaker VIBA X.30

The silent point of sale specialist

shaker-viba x.30

Quiet and ergonomic in the paint shop. The high mixing efficiency of the 3rd VIBA generation is unique on the market thanks to its high performance coupled with extremely low noise levels during operation. The self-opening integral door retracts into the machine, when it is opened. The functional design is highly compact. The special design of the VIBA X.30 shaker’s mixing unit provides maximum protection for plastic containers and protects the clamping mechanism from contamination.

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Application Know-How

Architec­tural paints / -lacquers

Perfect results when tinting and mixing paints / varnishes at the POS or in production.

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