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Easy and perfect mixing of car refinish paints

Paint mixer

Specially designed for mixing autolack / car repair lacquers in small quantities

The RotoGen 1000 paint mixer eliminates manual mixing while equally optimising your mixing process. Especially designed for mixing small batches of car paint / car repair paint.

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Why Collomix?

Forget manual mixing

Automatically mixing small batches of car refinish paints at body-shops, enables a highly safe process and mixing results of constant quality.

Vorteil Mischer Rotogen Autolacke - kein mischen von Hand

Short mixing times

The RotoGen 1000 enables you to fully homogenise 0.5 to 1.0 litre mixing paint cans as well as order-related car refinish paints within a few minutes.

Platzhalter Mischzeit

Perfect mixing results

Homogenisation by the RotoGen 1000 leads to even mixing results, whereat the build-up of bubbles is avoided by the mixing process. Perfect mixing results = optimum car refinish paint application.


Small mixing batches

Especially designed for mixing small paint batches. Suitable for all conventional paint cans or disposable mixing cup systems from 0.5 to 1 litre.


Extensive range of application

The Rotogen 1000 is not only suited for mixing car refinish paints. It’s also perfectly suited for homogenising various cosmetic products in small batches. Insider’s tip: Mix sample pots directly at the paint point of sale.

rotogen 1000 kleinmengen lackmischer einsatzbreite

Plug & Spray

Easy and fast handling with the plug & play concept of the RotoGen 1000. Car (repair) paints are homogenised directly in the can or cup and can therefore be used instantly with a paint spraying gun.


Application video Paint mixer

Our product highlights

Paint mixer RotoGen 1000

Car refinish paints simply mixed to perfection


The RotoGen 1000 paint mixer is especially designed for stirring up small volumes of car refinish paint. Perfectly suited for paint, car repair and model building shops.

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Application Know-How

Fast, clean, and flexible mixing of car refinish paints

Save time and cost with Collomix ROTOGEN 1000. 100 % homogeneous mixing is critical to ensure ultimate color precision of automotive refinish paints. Mixing technologies designed specifically for these demanding requirements can help car paint shops save money, time, and costly paint material.

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