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The new, future-oriented dispenser generation

Dis­penser technology with a system concept: On this page we provide you with a brief overview of the most important TINTA innova­tions and compon­ents, along with the equipment options and options for combining with other Collomix machines.

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Why Collomix?

One-stop system solution

Collomix offers a complete tinting solution for the trade with its TINTA colorant dispenser combined with one or more mixers with innovative features and utmost efficiency. Enabling you to focus on the essentials: Selling perfect paint!

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Truly modular

Modular design, total flexibility: Your Collomix TINTA dispenser comes in three versions, fitted with 16, 24 or 32 canisters in a circular arrangement.

Each canister has a capacity of 2.5 or 5 liters.

The tinting system can be converted retroactively to a different number of canisters with just a few components and the minimum of effort. Mixed canister arrangements are also possible without any problem.


Customize your TINTA

TINTA is designed for simple, intuitive operation by the user in the store. A wide range of equipment options and accessories is available to customize your TINTA according to your individual requirements.

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tintONE ensures that the colorants are always in a good processable condition during operation.
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coolNOZ Dew point technology prevents colorants drying at the dosing head and enables fast and hight precision dosing.
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accuPUMP fast and highly accurate dosing - calibration on free for a lifetime.
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moveNOZ movable dosing head for optimum and ergonmic operating comfort.

lidDETECTION automatic lid monitoring prevents inncorrect or unsealed lids and drying out.

levelSENSE Level monitoring for full process safety

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