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Mixing spot colours without stirring

Mixing Printing Inks

Col­lomix printing ink mixers provide significant benefits in production processes. These mixers deliver your printing orders fast, flexibly and with consistent quality - in particular in case of spot and special colour­s.


Why Collomix?

Printing inks - mixing without stirring!

Mixing in closed containers instead of manual mixing. For maximum process safety and always reproducible tailor-made spot colours. Even in case of large-volume printing orders.


The right mixer for all printing inks

The viscosity (Pa s) and the mixing material’s weight (kg) are key influence factors for selecting the proper Collomix printing ink mixer. The solution-driven machine selection ensures the best mixing results for offset printing, screen printing, flexographic printing, etc.


Power meets speed

The special speed transmission enables Collomix printing ink mixers to deliver a high energy input, thus always ensuring perfect mixing results, even for highly viscous printing inks.


A clean process

Mixing printing inks in closed containers not only ensures a clean work environment with zero emissions, but also avoids material loss and mixing material contamination.


Application Know-How

Offset printing inks / Safety printing inks

Mix offset inks directly in closed containers. Short mixing times and high throughput.

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