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For first class mixing results

Mixing paddles


Our range of products is as diversified as require­ments on the construction site.
Here you will find an answer to every mixing problem. This is a decisive point because the success of your work depends on choosing the correct mixing paddle. Mixing paddle geometry and material viscosity must match. Only then is it possible to transform the material quickly into its desired final state – without lumps and splashes.

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Anwendungsbild Rührer KRK - Holzlack farbig Anwendungsbild Bitumen Dickbeschichtung - Keller Anwendungsbild Rührer FM - Verputzen Anwendungsbild Rührer MM - Fugen naturstein Anwendungsbild Rührer MK - Mauern - Baustelle
Anwendungsbild Rührer MM - Fugenmörtel - Fliesen Young woman painting a wall - Wand streichen blau Anwendungsbild Rührer MKN - Außenputz Anwendungsbild Rührer LX - Epoxi-Farbe aufrollen
Anwendungsbild Rührer KRK - Holzlack farbig


Anwendungsbild Bitumen Dickbeschichtung - Keller

Bitu­mi­nous sealings

Anwendungsbild Rührer FM - Verputzen

Plas­te­ring inter­nal walls

Anwendungsbild Rührer MM - Fugen naturstein

Apply tile adhe­sive

Anwendungsbild Rührer MK - Mauern - Baustelle

Mix mortar

Anwendungsbild Rührer MM - Fugenmörtel - Fliesen

Grou­ting the joints

Young woman painting a wall - Wand streichen blau

Mixing paints

Anwendungsbild Rührer MKN - Außenputz

Plas­te­ring brick­work

Anwendungsbild Rührer LX - Epoxi-Farbe aufrollen

Appli­ca­tion of epoxy paint

Bituminous sealings
Plastering internal walls
Apply tile adhesive
Mix mortar
Grouting the joints
Mixing paints
Plastering brickwork
Application of epoxy paint

Why Collomix?

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For every material the right mixing paddle

Choose the best mixing paddle for the various requirements of your materials, not just a suitable one. Because only with the right mixing paddle you will get the desired mixing result.

Stable and robust for outstanding durability

Extremely strong welded joints in combination with tough materials ensures a long operating lifetime of your Collomix mixing paddle.


Protected all around

The continuous guard ring guarantees a smoothly and safely rotating of your mixing paddle while it protects your mixing bucket at the same time.

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Tool connection that fits

Whether for power drills, hand-held mixers with M-14 tool connection or the patendet HEXAFIX Coupling - Collomix offers the perfect mixing paddles

Our product highlights

Mixing paddles MK

Ideal for heavy and high viscous materials

Mixing paddle MK

The professional mixing paddle MK – specially developed for tough service on the building site. With three mixing blades for fast working with high shear forces, for thorough mixing results. It requires the use of a suitably dimensioned drive machine. Featuring particularly high-quality workmanship and high-grade steel for a long life, even with abrasive materials.

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Mixing paddles DLX

Ideal for leveling compounds and liquid materials

Mixing paddle DLX

The DLX mixing paddle was specially developed for the optimum preparation of thin-bed mortar for the cementing of concrete precision blocks. The two turbine blades, fitted one above the other, provide a strong flow of material to prevent the formation of lumps.

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Champions Know-How

Matching the Correct Mixing Paddle with the Correct Material

For a perfect mixing solution, you need the perfect mixing paddles. It must fit to the viscosity and quantity of your mixing material. Get informed, how to choose the right mixing paddle

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