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Easily and perfectly mixed

Mixing Automotive Paints

Specially designed for mixing autolack / car repair lacquers in small quantities

Col­lomix mixers are always the perfect choice for a fast and easy homoge­ni­sation of car paints. Forget manual mixing and enjoy the numerous benefits of mixing in closed contai­ner­s.

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Why Collomix?

For all cup systems

The RotoGen 1000 is the one-stop solution for mixed paint cans and all conventional cup systems for paint spraying guns. For small volumes up to 1.0 litres.


Hightech mixing in the automotive industy

The Collomix gyroscopic mixers offer you a perfect process-safety material preparation in high amounts. Ideal before the use in painting booths of the automotive industry.

Mischen Autolacke Produktion Biaxialmischer

Always a perfect paint quality

Prevent colour shade variations already during the mixing process. Prevent deposits and paste residuals on the cup rim and achieve perfect mixing results, always obtaining the correct shade.

Vorteil Farbton Lackauftrag Rotogen Autolacke

Forget manual stirring

Small paint volumes are prepared directly in the closed mixing cup. This avoids manual mixing and ensures a consistent mixing quality and high process safety in no time.

Vorteil Mischer Rotogen Autolacke - kein mischen von Hand