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The new, future-oriented dispenser generation

TINTA is a modular and clearly structured paste dispenser. The priority for the development was focused on a simple and intuitive operating concept for the user in the store. In summary, TINTA delivers much greater formulation precision and is also more economical in operation and far more sustainable.

Pastendispenser TINTA

Why Collomix?

Increase your revenue at PoS with Collomix Tinting Solutions

Collomix´s tinting equipment is premium and best in class in reliability. It is ready to do the job at all time. Less down time and no daily morning purge or cleaning routine. Be ready on the spot at all time for selling paint.


We help you to sell Sample Pots at PoS

Color samples help your customers finding the right color. Reproducible dosing precision of color samples is a must for customer satisfaction. Our TINTA dispenser is a user-friendly and easy-to-use equipment that offers maximum repeatability and high accuracy of dispensation. From sample pot size to standard size – all with one single machine!


Have more happy Customers

Your customers require a fast service and the best quality. They want to walk away with the exact color they selected. The Shop must trust on perfect color matches and zero mis-tints at all time. Chose Collomix TINTA and Collomix Shakers and make the tinting at PoS to a great customer experience: fast and with best quality


Selling preser­va­ti­ve­-free and biocide-free colorants

If you are looking for using VOC-free and biocide-free, preferably labeling-free universal colorants with excellent storage stability and pumpability, the TINTA dispenser is the best choice for you

The TINTA comes with a patented air sealed canister and prevents colorants drying out and getting contaminated which supports mold groth.


TINTA-Features that convince


Makes work easier and better: The TINTA's extre­mely compact and flexi­ble machine concept based on a modu­lar design sets new stan­dards in terms of opera­ti­on, ergo­no­mics, proces­sing speed and routine main­ten­ance to name just some points.


Little waste, no soiling: The paten­ted recir­cu­la­tion system redu­ces the amount of waste paste to a mini­mum. Hardly any of the surroun­ding gets soiled when paste is refil­led. This solves a major problem expe­ri­en­ced with conven­tio­nal dispen­ser systems.


Always avail­able: Maxi­mum process relia­bi­lity and consis­tent results with high volume through­puts. High-qua­lity tech­no­logy and perman­ently condi­tio­ned pastes ensure constant readi­ness for opera­ti­on. A miles­tone in dosing accu­racy and tinting preci­si­on.

Low cost

Cuttin­g-edge tech­no­logy and quality that pay off: TINTA tech­no­logy offers outstan­ding value for money that is truly convin­cing. It deli­vers inno­va­tive solu­ti­ons to problems and is one of the lowest priced systems for simul­ta­neous dosing avail­able on the market.



We answer all important questions about our new dispenser technology in our comprehensive compendium “TINTA Xpert note”.

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Top Performance - Top Price The Collomix TINTA paste dispensers can be equipped with various options depending on individual requirements. The 16-canister version TINTA 16 of the paste dispenser is recommended as an entry-level device.


Base Techno­logies

Dispenser technology with a system concept: On this page we provide you with a brief overview of the most important TINTA innovations and components:

tintONE - coolNOZ - moveNOZ - accuPUMP - levelSENSE

Colortec Tinta Basistechnologien Produkthighlights

Our product highlights


Dispenser with 1 - 24 paste circuits


Outstanding innovations regarding to efficiency, precision, reliability and operating comfort with strong features.

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Dispenser with 1 - 32 paste circuits


Outstanding innovations regarding to efficiency, precision, reliability and operating comfort with strong features.

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