Healthier mixing without dust


Currently, the prevention of dust formation during all work on the construction site is a central aspect of occupational safety. Therefore, all work involving grinding, drilling or slitting must be carried out with a suitable dust extraction system. Since cement-containing dust is released even when the powdered materials are mixed and poured into the mixing buckets, Collomix has developed new and effective tools to make this work process dust-free.


Dust extraction device “dust.EX“

With the mobile dust extraction device dust.EX, which is used in combination with a dust extractor (dust class M), the released dust can already be effectively extracted directly at the mixing bucket. The user is no longer standing in a dust cloud and is no longer exposed to the particles. As numerous mixtures with bagged material are carried out daily on many construction sites and dust is constantly released, the dust.EX contributes to a significant reduction in dust emissions and therefore contributes enormously to an active health and environmental protection. The dust.EX offers another advantage: The pollution of the working environment is reduced significantly. This is particularly important when working indoors and leaves a good impression on customers as well. Using the Collomix dust extraction device dust.EX is extremely simple. The suction nozzle gets attached to the edge of the respective mixing bucket with a spring clip. With this effective fastening solution the dust.EX can be attached to many different bucket sizes and shapes. The suction nozzle (Ø 35 mm) is then simply connected via the suction hose to a powerful “M” class dust extractor which picks up all the dust particles.


Bag ripper “Sharky”

In combination with the dust extraction device dust.EX, the Collomix bag ripper Sharky is an ideal addition for opening bags. With its help, the bags can now be opened quickly and easily without the need for additional tools and the contents of the bags can be emptied into the bucket in a directed manner. The Sharky is simply placed on the edge of the bucket and the bags are placed on the bag ripper. The steel version of the bag ripper carries a weight of up to 40 kg. Due to the weight of the bags, the bag ripper cuts through the paper or plastic cover and the powder falls automatically into the bucket. This makes the handling of the sacks much easier, as the user has both hands available and does not have to use a knife or trowel. If filling the bucket using the bag ripper Sharky is combined with the Collomix dust.EX dust extraction system, dust is no longer spread during filling. The bag ripper Sharky can be used without any problems on various buckets with a volume of 10 to 30 litres.


Bucket holder “mix.GRIP“

Collomix has also developed the bucket holder mix.GRIP as another practical accessory for use on the construction site. This device prevents the bucket from spinning during mixing. Particularly when mixing with one stirring rod, it happens that the bucket adapts the movement of the mixing material and starts to move if the ground adhesion is insufficient. Then the user often clamps the bucket between his legs. This not only leads to an unhealthy forced posture, but also impairs stability during mixing. With the mix.GRIP bucket holder, Collomix has now found a remedy to this problem. The processor sets the appropriate bucket diameter, places a foot on the footrest, and the bucket stands firmly and securely.


Perfect mixer cleaning with “Mixer-Clean”

The mixing process is followed by the cleaning of tools and equipment, which is often very tiresome. With its cleaning system Mixer-Clean, Collomix provides a practical helper with which the paddles can be cleaned quickly and easily after mixing. In the water filled bucket there are two strips equipped with plastic bristles. The paddle is simply dipped into the bucket, the machine is briefly started and after a few seconds the adhering material is removed from the paddle. As a result, the user always has a clean tool that can optimally fulfil its purpose for a long time.

Usage note: Our product recommendations are given according to the best of our knowledge and experience, but we cannot provide a guarantee for their correctness. Therefore, please always refer to the material manufacturer's notes in the technical data sheets and carefully check the suitability of the mixing tools and machines for the task at hand and in accordance with the notes and instructions in the operating instructions for the devices.

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