Industrial production

Silver paste / Aluminium paste

For solar panel production
VISCO 550 gyroscopic mixer

Gyroscopic mixer VISCO 550

Fast and proces­s-safe homoge­ni­sation of aluminium paste and many other silver­-­con­taining conductive pastes for solar panels

  • Short mixing times, consistent mixing result­s
  • No exceedance of the maximum material temperature during mixing
  • Com­plete homoge­ni­sation of the components in closed contai­ners; no paste residuals on the stirrer
  • No additional preparation or heating up of the solar paste require­d
  • Even material application on solar panels

colloconsult index visco 550

Offset printing inks / Safety printing inks

Mix offset inks directly in closed containers. Short mixing times and high throughput.

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Article number Product Max. container diameter Motor output Max. speed Door option Loading type
34653 VISCO 550 300 mm 1,5 kW - 600 rpm Manual sliding door Manual pull-out clamping plate

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