Laboratory technology / Laboratory analysis

Food analysis

Food sample preparation in labora­tories
VIBA 330 shaker

Shaker VIBA 330
  • Highly time-saving thanks to fast product sample prepara­ti­on
  • Re­pro­du­cible mixing quality without cross-­con­ta­mi­na­ti­on
  • Hig­h-­ca­pacity mixing (> 20 test tubes / flasks simulta­neous­ly)
  • Va­riable speeds, individual adjustable to the respective product sample
  • Higher application flexibility and perfect adjustment to the product sample
  • Va­rious sample containers (test tubes, flassks,-etc.) can be used
  • Clean and effici­en­t
  • Robust and low-main­ten­an­ce
  • No extensive cleaning require­d

colloconsult index VIBA 300/330

Architec­tural paints / -lacquers

Perfect results when tinting and mixing paints / varnishes at the POS or in production.

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Product Article number Mixing bench dimensions Motor output Door option Loading type
VIBA 330 34586 370 x 360 mm 0.9 kW automatic integral door Push & Slide incl. loading board

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