Car paints / Car repair paints

Automotive paints / Car refinish paints

For mixing small car repair paint volumes
RotoGen 1000 paint mixer

Paint mixer RotoGen 1000

Especially designed for mixing small car refinish paint volumes of 50 ml to 1.0 litre

  • Enormous time-saving through reduced mixing times
  • High process safety during paint mixing in small volumes
  • Con­sistent mixing result quality­
  • Prevent colour shade variati­ons­
  • No segregation and floating of colour pigments on the surface
  • No cleaning require­d

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Product Article number Container size Rotation speed
RotoGen 1000 34452 50 - 1000 ml 320 rpm
produktbild-adapter-schwarz-rotogen Adapter „Easy Click“ black
Article number: 62997
GLN: 4011024629975
for 3M PPS cup 700 ml and 900 ml
produktbild-adapter-weiss-rotogen Adapter „Easy Click“ white
Article number: 62996
GLN: 4011024629968
for SATA RPS cup 600 ml and 900 ml
72231 Adapter-rot-rotogen Adapter
Article number: 72231
GLN: 4011024722317
for 3M PPS cup 200 ml

72229 adappter-blau-rotogen Adapter
Article number: 72229
GLN: 4011024722294
for 125 ml plastic bottles

72230 adapter-blau2-rotogen Adapter
Article number: 72230
GLN: 4011024722300
for 300 ml laboratory cup and 400 ml 3M PPS Midi

72238 adapter-gelb-rotogen Adapter
Article number: 72238
GLN: 4011024722386
for RPS Sata Mini

72225-aufnahmeeinsatz-rotogen Holding element \\blue\\
Article number: 72225
GLN: 4011024722256
for 0.5 l and 1.0 l paint cans

72227 Wandkonsole-rotogen Wall bracket for Rotogen 1000
Article number: 72227
GLN: 4011024722270

72250 standfuss-wandkonsole-rotogen Support foot for wall bracket
Article number: 72250
GLN: 4011024722508

72251 Unterbau-rotogen Subframe for RotoGen 1000
Article number: 72251
GLN: 4011024722515

Mixing of large automotive paint volumes
BIAX 45 / 45 S gyroscopic mixer

Gyroscopic mixer BIAX 45 / 45 S

Industrial-scale mixing of automotive paints up to 40 kg

  • Perfect for mixing automotive paints prior to the application in paint booths and spray guns
  • Low foam formation in the paint
  • Mi­cro­bub­ble-free material prepara­ti­on
  • Full homoge­ni­sa­tion, no sedimen­tation residuals on the container bottom
  • Fast and precise mixing in closed contai­ners; no cleaning effort­
  • Short mixing times enable a high hourly through­pu­t
  • High process safety; no colour shade variations, even during large production jobs

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Industrial coatings

Perfect mixing results with many industrial coatings in the production process.

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Article number Product Max. container diameter Motor output Max. speed Door option Loading type
35030 Biax 45 365 mm 1,5 kW 160 rpm manual sliding door Manual pull-out clamping plate
35031 BIAX 45 S 365 mm 1,5 kW 160 rpm Sutomatic sliding door Automatic pull-out clamping plate

Mix car paints of up to 20 litres
BIAX 35 gyroscopic mixer

Gyroscopic mixer BIAX 35

Mixing of car paints in closed containers of up to 20 litres

  • Robust techno­lo­gy
  • Highly smooth operation, even under high mixing volumes
  • Low foam formation in the paint
  • Ma­terial preparation without microbub­bles
  • Prevent shade variati­ons­
  • Full mixing of all material compon­ents
  • Perfect for direct use in paint booths and spray painting guns

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Finishing Plaster / Decorative Plaster

Perfect colouring of finishing plasters / decorative plasters - directly in the specialist trade or in production.

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Article number Product Max. container diameter Motor output Max. speed Door option Loading type
34210 BIAX 35 365 mm 1,1 kW 160 rpm Manual sliding door Manual extractable clamping plate

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