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Water dosing device AQiX

  • Mea­sure water up to 50% fas­ter
  • Ultrapre­cise
  • Bat­te­ry-­ope­ra­ted, no dis­tur­bing cables
  • Water­proof - IP 64
  • Bre­ak-­proof hou­sing

The exact amount of water in each mixture is essential for consistent material quality. The new AQiX water dosing device makes it easy and convenient to measure the required amount of water. To do this, connect the AQiX to the water hose, set the required quantity on the display and press Start. No more is needed to make the work of measuring water easier.

The device can be attached to any mixing bucket or mixing drum. No annoying cable, battery operated; mobile, handy and robust.

Ideal for use with self-levelling compound, screed, floor filling compound, design floor, thin-bed mortar and much more.

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Article number Product Dosing quantities Flow rate Max. operating pressure Battery Water connection Weight GLN
19042 AQIX 1-99 litres in 0.1 l increments 10-25 l/min 2-6 bar 2 x AA LR6 3/4 " 688 4011024190420

  • Best qualtiy mixing- and mortar buckets
  • In diverent sizes available
  • Perfectly developed for the use in Collomatic mixers
  • Suitable for almost every mixing material

Article number Product Weight GLN
60177 Measuring bucket 10 litres 0.6 kg 4011024601773
60173 Mortar bucket 30 litres 1.8 kg 4011024601735
60403 Special mortar tub 65 litres 2.45 kg 4011024604033
70115 Mixing bucket 75 litres (LevMix) 3 kg 4011024701152
60261 Special mortar tub 90 litres 2.65 kg 4011024602527

While opening the sack, filling the powdered material or starting the mixing process, it is simply impossible to avoid generating potentially harmful amounts of dust. This can negatively affect workers’ health and lead to contamination of the workplace. This can be a real problem, particularly when working indoors. The dust.EX dust suction device is simply clamped to the edge of the mixing bucket in combination with a vacuum cleaner. The clamping spring enables attachment to almost any mixing bucket. Switch the vacuum cleaner on for virtually dust-free working while filling or mixing. dust.EX reliably removes any escaping material.

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Article number Product GLN
19040 dust.EX mobile dust extraction 4011024190406

The SHARKY bag ripper considerably simplifies the handling and emptying of material sacks on the building site. Put the practical bag ripper on your mixing bucket, then place the material sack on the teeth and it will be opened almost without any effort — and without the need for an additional knife. Furthermore, the material lands exactly where it belongs: in the bucket. When used together with the dust.EX dust extraction device, you can achieve a virtually dust-free working environment. Thanks to its intelligent design, SHARKY can be used with a wide range of bucket diameters.

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Article number Product GLN
19190 Sharky sack opener 4011024191908
19039 BIG SHARKY 4011024190390

mix.Grip bucket holder

Depending on the material’s composition, there is a risk of the mixing bucket overspinning. This is not only dangerous but also annoying, since material may be thrown out of the bucket and contaminate the work environment. mix.GRIP provides a solution, because it always has the bucket firmly under control. Thanks to the adjustable foot treadle, buckets of various diameters can be secured quickly and easily.

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Article number Product GLN
19180 mix.Grip bucket holder 4011024191809

Mixer-Clean Cleaning bucket

  • Rug­ged bucket
  • Car­ry­ing handle
  • Pair of brus­hes
  • For mixing padd­les with a dia­me­ter of up to 210 mm

For cleaning mixing paddle quickly and easily. When you have finished your mixing work, immerse the mixing paddle in the bucket filled with water and run the mixer for a short time. All residual material will be thoroughly removed by the brushes. Removable lid for emptying.

  • Mixing without effort
  • Rug­ged design
  • Easy hand­ling
  • Easy to trans­port

Mixing without physical strain. The RMX mixer stand takes the equipment load off our hands during mixing. A particular advantage is the gas-pressurized spring, which enables the swivel arm to be raised and lowered with ease. Ideal for mixing heavy and high viscouse materials.

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Article number Product Dimensions Weight GLN
45624 RMX 45.5 x 118 mm 17 kg 4011024456243

Transport trolley for clean and convenient emptying of thin-bodied materials. Handling 65 litres mixing tubs quickly and easily; One-man operation is therefore no problem.

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Article number Product GLN
70183 Trolley 4011024701831
60318 Upgrade kit 90 liters 4011024603180